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Dr. Mansha Rafiq

Bridging Knowledge and Practice in Islamic Banking & Finance

Welcome to the profile of Dr. Mansha Rafiq, a distinguished educator and accomplished researcher specializing in the dynamic realm of Islamic Banking & Finance.

Academic Excellence:

Dr. Mansha earned her PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance from the prestigious International Islamic University Malaysia. Currently serving as a Senior Lecturer in the BBA and B.Sc. programs for Islamic Banking & Finance at the esteemed International Open University, she brings a wealth of academic expertise to the field.

Dedication to Education:

Over the past five years, Dr. Mansha has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of finance professionals. Her commitment to education is evident through her mentorship and guidance in a diverse array of courses, including Financial Management, Business Communication, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Marketing Research, Islamic Finance, Strategy, Managerial Finance, Money and Banking, and Corporate Finance.

Research Prowess:

Dr. Mansha’s research interests span critical topics such as financial inclusion, zakat, waqf, risk management, and sustainable economic development. Her prolific contributions to these areas have positioned her as a thought leader, bringing valuable insights to the ever-evolving landscape of Islamic Banking & Finance.

Leveraging Expertise for Training:

Now, you have the opportunity to benefit from Dr. Mansha Rafiq’s wealth of knowledge and experience. We are excited to announce that she is available for conducting specialized trainings on Islamic Banking, Islamic Finance, and related products and services. Her engaging and informative sessions promise to bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering participants a unique perspective rooted in academic rigor and real-world applicability.

Training Focus Areas:

Elevate Your Understanding:


Don’t miss the chance to elevate your understanding of Islamic Banking & Finance through the expert guidance of Dr. Mansha Rafiq. Contact us to schedule a training session tailored to your organization’s needs and objectives.

Saira Shah Halim

A Multifaceted Facilitator of Change

Meet Saira Shah Halim, a versatile force encompassing the realms of social activism, peace advocacy, education, writing, theater, image consultancy, and brand consulting. A true free spirit, Saira’s journey has been shaped by diverse experiences, reflecting in her dynamic roles and contributions.

Background and Early Life:

Raised across the country and in the Gulf as an army officer’s daughter, Saira embarked on a corporate career, delving into training, learning, and development roles with top MNCs. Her journey began with demanding graveyard shifts, setting the stage for a career marked by excellence and dedication.

A Catalyst for Social Change:

Having transitioned from corporate life to championing meaningful causes, Saira has emerged as a prominent social and gender activist. She advocates for the disenfranchised and politically marginalized, voicing her opinions on national television with unwavering conviction. Saira is actively involved with Kolkata Swasthya Sankalp, a low-cost dialysis unit for the underprivileged.

Recognition and Achievements:

Saira’s impact extends beyond her activism. Her short film ‘Ek Khaas Aadmi’ reflects her storytelling prowess, and she has been recognized with numerous awards for humanitarian and social work. As a ‘wordsmith’ and poet, she seamlessly intertwines political and social essays with poetry.

A Cultural Luminary:

Saira is a cultural influencer, ideating psychedelic programs to revive lost art forms. Her role as a popular culturist and litterateur is evident in her regular appearances at literary festivals across the country. In 2019, she was honored with the SAARC Women’s Award for her cultural, literary, and bilateral contributions.

Training Expertise:

With a rich training experience spanning seventeen years, Saira has left an indelible mark on organizations like Wipro Ltd, Webel Informatics Ltd, Infosys Technology Pune, Exide Ltd, GKB Opticals, Dynpro India Pvt Ltd, MSR IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, and more. She excels in grooming, personality development, communication, and other areas, drawing from her diverse background.

Media Presence:

As a columnist for India Today, Saira contributes insightful pieces on policy and governance. She is a regular TV panelist, lending her expertise to discussions on national media. Her TEDx talks, available on YouTube, further showcase her prowess as a speaker and thought leader.

Elevate Your Team:

Now, you have the opportunity to bring Saira Shah Halim’s wealth of experience and expertise to your organization. Explore workshops on

  • Leadership & Motivation Sessions
  • Grooming
  • Personality Development
  • Story Telling & Communication
  • Gender Sensitivity and diversity & Inclusion
  • Digital Presence & Social Media
  • Personal Branding, and more, tailored to meet the unique needs of your team.

Contact us to book Saira for an engaging and transformative workshop experience.

Mansoor Danish

Shaping Futures through Expertise and Leadership

Introducing Mansoor Danish, an accomplished professional and forward-thinking leader in finance, education, and corporate training. With over 19 years of expertise in the Banking and Financial Services sector, coupled with a rich background in Education and Training, Mansoor stands as the co-founder and CEO of Abira Consulting, offering a profound wealth of experience and knowledge.

Professional Expertise:

Mansoor’s diverse background encompasses roles as an ex-banker, investment consultant, academician, Islamic Finance expert, and a powerful public speaker. His extensive career highlights include:

– Corporate Trainer: Conducting workshops on self-development, financial management, sales, negotiation, public speaking, communication, and personality development.

– Recognition: Mansoor has received prestigious awards and recognition for his outstanding contributions, including the “Certificate of Appreciation” from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Institution, Dubai, and the title of ‘Best Manager’ in an inter-business school competition organized by India’s oldest business school.


– Financial Empowerment Advocate: Mansoor is a firm believer in Financial Empowerment, conducting workshops at different levels in both corporate and educational sectors. His focus on simple financial hacks makes learning finances and managing money more effective, without the complexities of extensive calculations

Notable Achievements:

– Media Presence: Mansoor has featured multiple times on Sharjah Channel 2 and Huda TV, Dubai, addressing diverse topics on Personality Development, Leadership & Management.


– International Open University: Heading the Corporate Relationship Program, Mansoor is passionately involved in Skill Development initiatives, conducting successful workshops on CV Writing, Personal Grooming, Writing Emails, and Communication for students from over 200 countries.


– Financial Empowerment Workshops: Mansoor has shared his expertise in Financial Empowerment with institutions such as La Martiniere for Boys (Kolkata), Preston College (Chennai), Al Fudayl Academy (Dubai), AMAU (United Kingdom), Al Iman Academy (Delhi), Endeavour International School (Cochin), Iqra International School (Bangalore), Al Basheer International School (Bangalore), to name a few.


Commitment to Skill Development:

Mansoor is a staunch advocate of Skill Development, believing that “Academic degrees are only an entry pass, but Skills will teach you how to perform and move up the ladder.” This philosophy underscores his dedication to empowering youth to take control of their personal and professional lives.

Workshops and Training Sessions:

Mansoor has organized impactful workshops, including:

1. Public Speaking

2. Sales & Communication

3. The Art of Negotiation

4. Developing Leadership Skills

5. Personality Development through Inspiration

6. From Debt to Financial Independence 

Transformative Coaching and Mentorship:

Mansoor offers one-to-one coaching and mentorship programs, guiding individuals towards achieving their managerial aspirations.

Connect with Mansoor:


To bring Mansoor Danish’s transformative expertise to your organization, contact us today. Elevate your team’s skills, foster individual growth, and embark on a journey of empowerment.